Monday, December 14, 2009

Snow Ball

Hey there folks,

It is my pleasure to announce that the website has received its share of modifications and is now officially up and running. Among the new features is the Showtimes and Tickets section where you can check dates and showtimes as well as ticket pricing. To compliment this, we've set up a PayPal station under our logo where you, valued supporter and patron, have the option to purchase tickets for a desired date or contribute via donation of any amount that will go towards the production (for more information, see "Production Value" under the Showtimes and Tickets section). Also, keep an eye on the new Events section as we will be arranging special happenings in the Grand Valley area to promote our show "On the Verge" before the big opening on January 1 of the New Year 2010.

Stay on the verge for more information as the snowball keeps on rolling.

Yours truly,

Alex Maenchen, Assistant Stage Manager