Monday, November 30, 2009

Site Under Construction.

Hello everyone,

We are extremely excited to make our public debut as a production house. In a month's time, we will be premiering our stage project "On the Verge (or The Geography of Yearning)" by Eric Overmyer. Until then, however, there will be lots of lots to be done! Through this weblog we will provide comprehensive information regarding events, scheduling, ticket pricing and our enterprise in general. We will also chronicle our efforts by posting rehearsal reports, reactions, picture and video documentation of the behind-the-scenes goings-on on a biweekly basis, which will be subject to leisurely interest and comment. So stay tuned.

This site is currently designated as Under Construction, and with that, we are laying out the foundations for a meaningful and efficient online experience (posthaste, of course). Do expect things to get happening very soon as we push forward into modernity!

Yours truly,

Alex Maenchen, Assistant Stage Manager