Sunday, November 29, 2009

Showtimes & Tickets

Ticket pricing:
Students $5
Adults $10
Seniors $8

Dates and showtimes:
January 1, 2010 (Opening Night)
Doors open 07:00pm/show starts 07:30pm

January 2, 2010
Doors open 07:00pm/show starts 07:30pm

January 3, 2010
Doors open 07:00pm/show starts 07:30pm

Ticket purchasing:
To purchase tickets for On the Verge, look to our Box Office Box section in the sidebar where you can begin to make your selection for purchase. Click the Add to Cart button on your desired date(s) to add your selections in the PayPal window before finalizing your purchase. You can always view your selections before purchase by clicking on the View Cart button at the bottom of the sidebar.

"Production Value"*
The driving ambition behind Floating Door Productions, LLC is delivering on a promise of a quality theatre experience. As we are an independent theatre company run by qualified and enthusiastic college students, we are meeting financial limitations capably with open minds and creative solutions. We are not so much interested in profit as we are the product. Therefore, all contributions made to our company will faithfully be put towards the production.

Donate through PayPal
Financial contributions are handled through the PayPal button that reads Donate found in our sidebar. You need not have a PayPal account to donate and the process is simple: just click and follow the instructions.

Any and all donations are very much appreciated. We will be holding a silent auction prior to each show and during intermission, so donations of any type are acceptable. Financial donors and silent auction contributers will receive thanks in the program as well as two (2) complimentary tickets to the show.

Thank you kindly,

Alex Maenchen, Assistant Stage Manager

If you have questions or comments, please e-mail us at