Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Show

"On the Verge or The Geography of Yearning" by Eric Overmyer is the intrepidly comedic adventure of three Victorian ladies trekking their way through that most treacherous of terrains: modernity.

The play opens in Terra Incognita, circa 1885-1955. Three female, time-traveling explorers bushwhack their way through plains, jungles, and icebergs, encountering many strange and exciting characters along the way. Tea with a cannibal, anyone?

Throughout their troubling, bizarre, (though always humorous) journey, they discover more about themselves than could ever be defined by time, location, or unexplored destiny.

Directed by Janet Kelleher

The Cast
Claire Schaefer as Mary
Aimee Bourget as Alexandra
Julie Michalak as Fanny
Nich Witham as Grover et al. (i.e. Everyone Else)

The Crew
Vanessa Stephan, Assistant Director & Stage Manager
Alex Maenchen, Assistant Stage Manager
Kyle Reed Evans, Technical Director & Lighting Designer
Griffen Davis, Sound Designer
Katie Stetson, Costume Designer
Nina Harris and Sydney Elliot, Costumers
Courtney Borden, Properties Mistress
Rebecca Woods, Art Designer & Consultant
Michael Combs, Projection Designer
Scott Devine, Projectionist
Emily Adams, PR Liaison

"On the Verge" Poster #3